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Three differences between LED wall-washer lights and led hard bars
Edit:Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-13

LED Wall Washer Lampand led hard light strips are linear lamps, in the lighting industry called line lamp.

However, led wash wall lamps are generally used for outdoor landscape lighting, led hard light bars generally used indoors more! Both have their own strengths, the difference between the two places is very much. Examples include the use and performance of materials, as well as the appearance of structures.

Difference one, the use aspect; LED wash wall lamp illumination light is higher than hard light bar, the area should be wide. LED hard light strips used in jewelry counter lights these places will be more suitable, if the use of the external wall is not very suitable, if you want to use in the outer wall of those exposed to the height of 1 meters within the effect should also be. It's better to have a high range or a wall light.

Difference two, appearance structure; LED wash wall lamp is made by high-power led, requiring waterproof grade to be in IP65 above is the best. LED hard light strips are made of small power light source, mainly with SMD 5050 light beads and so on. Generally not waterproof, mainly used in dark groove, can have a variety of colors.

Difference three, projection distance; LED wash wall lamp is generally used for outdoor landscape lighting, projecting distance of up to 2-50 meters. Hard light strips are used indoors

Summary: Led hard light strips are generally used in interior decoration, such as decorative dark groove, ceiling around the decorative lights, jewelry counter lights these places. If applied on the outer wall is OK, but the irradiation height is within 1 meters.

LED Wash wall Lamp main application sites are: Green landscape lighting, advertising licensing and other specialized facilities lighting, bars, dance halls and other entertainment atmosphere lighting.