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The difference between LED wall-washer lights and LED line lamps
Edit:Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-13

LED outdoor lighting manufacturers, may also have customers askedLED Wall Washer Lampand LED line lights are different. Indeed, led wash wall lights and led line lights in the appearance of a lot of similar places, there may be some differences in the stent. However, since the two names are different, there is still a difference, the type of chip, the following in a few places to see their differences.

Application effect:

From the encyclopedia, led wash wall lamp is to let the lights like water washed over the wall. The effect here is the LED wash wall lights on the wall, with the application of light bulbs similar, but the effect is more soft. and LED line lights are mostly used to make the outline of the building, or digital screen effect, of course, may also be installed in the corner to let the lights to find the wall, but led wash wall lights more flexible.

Specifications and Parameters:

LED washing wall lamps are mostly high-power products, LED line light is the majority of small power. Because LED wash the wall light to see the irradiation height, general and Metope still have a certain distance, high-power led wash wall lamp is more competent. and LED line lights do contour, small power can be. LED wash wall lamp heat-proof more difficult, to drainage and convection design.

LED washing wall lamp in the production process, the first to use the wall-washing lamp filling machine for potting treatment, and then the glass cover plate and then hit the glass glue to achieve structural waterproofing.
Product appearance: LED wash wall lamp many have with lens, very intuitive point is the LED wash wall lamp has the bracket, can adjust the angle freely, conforms to its application request. Also has the size, the LED washes the wall light to have the very big size, but the LED line lamp is rare. Because of the application effect, LED line lamp appearance most is square, and led wash wall lamp because with bracket, design appearance more.

In summary, it is the difference between LED wall lamp and LED line lamp, hoping to help you.