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The use and maintenance of LED wall-washer lamps and luminaires
Edit:Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-21

ChooseLED Wall Washer Lamp, we are undoubtedly considering it more energy-saving, environmental protection, no stroboscopic, but in the long-term use of the case, LED lamps also wear, coupled with some wrong operation, it is easy to damage LED lamps. Even the LED lighting, it is necessary to maintain maintenance, to maximize the effectiveness and have a longer service life. With the popularization of LED lamps, more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to the use and maintenance of LED lamps.
First, the LED lamps under what circumstances easy to damage?
1, the quality of LED lamps are more often failure, so the purchase should be look for the quality assurance of the brand manufacturers to buy.
2, not in accordance with the use of products to correct the use of LED lamps are prone to failure, there are hidden dangers.
3, when used, the current is too large to exceed the rated current of LED lamps, will cause some parts of the LED driver power supply burning or breakdown of the risk.
4, LED washing wall lamps "water mist" problem, pointed candle lamp, bulb lamp, cast light, etc. in the light of a period of time after the housing surface water droplets, water mist phenomenon. LED lamps are generally assembled from several different materials, for example, lamp cup cooling part of metal, shade for plastic, acrylic and so on, lamps and lanterns in the work will produce a certain amount of heat, different materials of different thermal expansion coefficient, long-term use will be in different materials at the junction of the gap and air intake; when used in environments with relatively high humidity, Shade inside and outside the temperature is different, the lamp inside is heated the gas will shade place to meet the cold, if this gas contains more water vapour, will produce the phenomenon of water mist and water droplets, continue to light a period of time, this phenomenon will disappear. Therefore, humid environment is also affecting the life of LED lighting factors.
Second, the use of LED and maintenance methods:
1, buy back the lamp, first do not busy installation, should carefully read the installation instructions, and then installed according to the installation instructions, incorrect installation use, there may be danger.
2, in the clean maintenance do not change the structure of the lamp, also do not arbitrarily changing the parts of the lamp, in the maintenance, should be installed as it is, do not leak, wrong-mounted lighting parts.
3, in the use of lamps as far as possible to avoid frequent switches, although the LED light switch times are common fluorescent lamp 18 times times, but too often will affect the life of the LED lamp internal electronic components, thus affecting the life of lamps and lanterns.
4, special attention is, in addition to special LED lamps and lanterns, ordinary LED lamps should be avoided in the wet environment to use. , the humid environment will affect the LED lights driving power of electronic components, electronic components damp, lamp life shortened. Therefore, Moistureproof is one of the key points of lighting maintenance, especially the bathroom, bathroom LED lights and kitchen stove headlights, to install moistureproof lampshade to prevent tidal intrusion, to avoid corrosion damage or leakage short-circuit.
5, LED wash wall is best not to clean water, generally dry cloth stained with water, if you do not accidentally touch the water to try to dry, should not be turned on the light immediately after wiping with a wet cloth.