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LED washing wall lamp manufacturers packaging production process
Edit:Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-21

LED Wall Washer LampFactory packaging production process is as follows:

1, Chip test
Appearance inspection: The material surface whether has the mechanical damage and the hemp Spot Hemp Pit (Lockhill) chip size and the electrode size whether conforms to the craft request the electrode pattern is complete.
2. Expanding Crystal
Because the LED chip still arranges tight spacing very small (about 0.1mm) after dicing, it is unfavorable to the operation of the later operation. We use the expansion of the chip machine to the bonding of the film to expand, is the LED chip spacing stretching to about 0.6mm. can also use manual expansion, but it is easy to cause chip drop waste and other bad problems.
3, point solid crystal glue
At the corresponding position of the LED bracket, silver glue or insulating glue. (for GaAs, sic conductive substrate, with the back of the electrode of red, yellow, yellow-green chip, using silver glue. For sapphire insulated substrate Blu-ray, Green LED chip, using insulating glue to fix the chip, the evaluation of a silver gum is mainly two points:
One, viscosity (generally in 3000-4000CPS)
Second, the thermal conductivity (at present, we are using the U.S. silver Rubber Epo-tek Company to produce thermal conductivity of 29W/MK)
The technical difficulty lies in the control of the dispensing quantity, and there are detailed technical requirements in colloid height and dispensing position. As the silver and insulating glue in the storage and use of strict requirements, the release of silver Glue, mixing, the use of time is the process must pay attention to matters.
4, the preparation of solid crystal gum
On the contrary, the glue is used to glue the silver glue on the back electrode of the LED, then the LED with silver glue on the back is installed on the LED bracket. The efficiency of the preparation is far higher than the dispensing, but not all products are suitable for the preparation process (generally used for digital tube production above).
5, handmade thorn tablets
The expanded LED chip (prepared or not prepared) will be placed on the fixture of the Thorn plate. The LED bracket is placed under the clamp, and the LED chip is stabbed to the corresponding position under the microscope by a needle. Hand-stabbed and automatic rack compared to have a benefit, easy to replace different chips at any time, suitable for the need to install a variety of chip products.
6, Automatic mounting
Automatic mounting is actually a combination of glue (point glue) and the installation of chips two major steps, first in the LED bracket on the point of silver glue (insulating glue), and then use a vacuum suction nozzle will be LED chip suction mobile location, and then placed in the corresponding bracket position. Automatic mounting in the process of the main technology to be familiar with the operation of equipment programming, at the same time the equipment glue and installation accuracy adjustment. In the selection of suction nozzle to choose Bakelite suction nozzle to prevent the surface damage to the LED chip, especially the blue, green chip must use Bakelite. Because the steel nozzle scratches the current diffusion layer on the chip's surface.
7. sintering
The purpose of sintering is to make the silver glue solidified, the sintering requires to monitor the temperature and prevent the batch from being bad. The temperature of the silver rubber sintering is generally controlled at 150 ℃, and the sintering time is 1.5 hours. Depending on the actual situation can be adjusted to 170 ℃, 1 hours. Insulating Gum General 150 ℃ Silver Rubber sintering oven must be in accordance with the process requirements 2 hours (or 1 hours) to open the replacement of sintered products, the middle must not open. The oven shall not be used for any other purpose to prevent pollution.
8, Pressure welding
The purpose of pressure welding is to lead the electrode to the LED chip, and to complete the connection of the product inside and outside the wire. LED pressure welding process has golden wire ball welding and aluminum wire pressure welding Two kinds, first in the LED chip electrodes on the 1th, and then pull the aluminum wire to the corresponding bracket above the pressure on the 2nd after pulling the aluminum wire. Golden Wire Ball welding process before the 1th burn a ball, the rest of the process is similar. Pressure welding is the key link in the LED packaging technology, the main need to monitor the process is the metal wire welding wire shape (ARC), the first to second solder point shape size have provisions, gold wire tensile, high-power gold wire general use 1.2mil diameter
9, dispensing packaging
LED packaging is mainly a bit of phosphor glue, potting, molded three kinds. Basically, the difficulty of process control is bubble, glue, little glue, black spot. Design is mainly on the selection of materials, the selection of a combination of good glue and stent, top-led and chip module led for the application of point glue package. Manual dispensing packaging to the operating level is very high (especially white LED), the main difficulty is the control of the amount of dispensing, because the glue in the use of the process will thicken. White LED point gum also exist phosphor precipitation caused by light color difference problem.
10, Potting Package
Lamp-led,LED High power washer wall lampThe encapsulation is in the form of potting. The process is the first in the LED molding cavity injected liquid colloid, and then insert a good led stent, put into the oven to cure, the LED from the mold cavity out of the molding.
11. Molded Package
Put the pressure-welded led bracket into the mold, the upper and lower die hydraulic presses will be combined with the mold and vacuum, the solid state epoxy into the injection path of the inlet heating hydraulic ejector pressure into the mold, epoxy along the rubber path into the various led forming groove and curing.
12, short roast, often baked
Short roast refers to the initial curing of encapsulation glue, the general curing condition of lens package in 100 ℃, 30 minutes. Molded package generally in 150 ℃, 40 minutes. Often baked to allow the colloid to fully cured, while the LED thermal aging. It is very important to improve the bonding strength of silicone and stent (PCB). The general condition is 150 ℃, 4 hours.
13, testing
Test the photoelectric parameters of the LED, check the overall dimensions, at the same time according to customer requirements for LED products sorting. In general, the lens package is 8% to 10% higher than the brightness of the flat package.
14, packaging
The finished product is counted and packaged. Ultra-bright LED need anti-static bag.

LED wash wall lamps are generally used for outdoor landscape lighting, LED wash wall light hard light bar generally used indoors more! Both have their own strengths, the difference between the two places is very much. Examples include the use and performance of materials, as well as the appearance of structures.