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Soft light with hard lamp strip wash wall lamp bracket exactly how to distinguish
Edit:Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-04-13

Soft Light Belt, hard light strip, wash wall lamp, bracket in the end how to distinguish?
1. Low pressure soft light belt

The above picture is our most common kind of low voltage lamp belt, uses more has 12V and 24V. Low-pressure soft light belt is very convenient to use: Tear off the protective paper after the gum, you can paste it in a relatively narrow, hope is the whole luminous place, such as bookcases, showcase, wardrobe and so on. The advantage is that the shape can change, turning, arc no problem.

There is a pair of scissors on each small section of the lamp belt, which means that this place can be cut off. How often do you cut it? Depends on the operating voltage of the lamp belt. For example this OP 24V light belt, is six beads a scissors mouth, generally each length is 10cm. Like some 12V, is 3 beads a cut, about 5cm.
In addition, you can see that some light with plastic protection cover, and some do not, but it is clear that the protective cover is not to prevent electric shock (low pressure relatively safe), but the use of a slightly different demand, such as the photograph of the cloth lamp, easy to fallout Ash, more recommended to use a protective cover, easy to clean.
Low-voltage lamp belt because the substrate is relatively thin, over-current capacity is weaker, so most of the 5m. If the need for the use of the lamp belt is very long, then there will be multiple wiring, with many transformers. In addition, there are 20m one, the base plate of the lamp is made thicker to increase the current capacity.

2. High-voltage lamp belt
High-voltage lamp belt, generally 1m a cut or even 2m a cut, remember not to cut from the middle, otherwise the whole group of lights will not be bright. Suppose we only need 2.5m of light band, How to do? Cut 3m out, and then fold the extra half meter back, or use the black tape to prevent leaky, avoid the situation of local too bright.
Where is the high voltage lamp belt commonly used?
First of all, because the whole lamp 220V high pressure, if used in such as stairs, guardrail such as conveniently accessible place will be more dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended to use in a higher position, people do not touch the place, such as the Day Lantern groove, pay attention to the use of high-pressure light belt must have a protective cover. The application distance is also relatively long, high voltage lamp belt can be continuous 100m, every 1m can cut it, a drive with 100m no problem. Relatively speaking, high voltage lamp with power will be relatively high, some 1m can do 1000 LM, even to 1500 lm. However, it should be noted that the general high voltage light belt has strobe, so to select the appropriate drive.

3, RGC color lamp Belt
Each bead inside has three cores, so each bead can emit three kinds of color, three bead electricity can mix out different color of light to come.

The four solder joints are RGB and cathode respectively.

Only the cathode and red are connected, the light emitted is red.

Connect the positive and red and blue, the light is purple.
In addition, you can adjust the current and input control, mixing a richer color.
4. Hard Light Strip

The hard light strips are not different in nature from the soft light strips.
In the shape, to the soft light with a hard aluminum plate, then become a hard light bar. This makes its shape more regular, does not appear soft light belt construction is not good on the winding phenomenon. Put on the white acrylic, light bar of the glow becomes even, not like the soft light belt that can see a bead of light, so hard light strips are often used to do linear decorative lighting.
5. Wash Wall Lamp
Sometimes, we also add lenses to the light strips so that the light can make the desired effect, so the hard light strips are often used for wall-washing and light, which is also calledLED Wall Washer Lamp.

On each lamp bead, the prism lens is added to make the light.
The vertical hit is a narrow distribution of light.

It is wide to match the light horizontally.

6. Bracket

It is equipped with a thread, connecting the head, you can string up a long line, of course, the specific length of the string, need to consultWashing wall lamp Manufacturers。 Some products will be made transparent acrylic at both ends, so there is almost no dark area after the light. In the use, can be used as a replacement for fluorescent stents, can also be hung on the ceiling for simple lighting, such as garages, warehouses, such as the lighting requirements are not high places.